The Student Records and Registration Section of Nelson Mandela University reports through the office of the Director of Academic Administration to the Registrar.


The purpose of this section is to perform services and engagements on behalf and in the name of the Registrar. These functions are performed in compliance with the relevant rules, policies, and legislation. Governing the sourcing, collecting, recording, maintaining, and reporting of student data within the existence of Nelson Mandela University and its merged institutions.


Student Records and Registration delivers the below services and functions within the values of the university and remains committed to deliver quality efficient and effective services to all its stakeholders.


Student authentication and authorisation

Student Records and Registration remain at the service of our current and former students. Without any written and signed consent or proof of power of attorney. Unless the disclosure complies with an obligation imposed by law. Student Records and Registration is not able to supply any information pertaining to its current and past students.

  • Identification
    • All telephonic enquiries are re-directed through our email accounts.
    • All electronic contact, excluding those processed using university platforms and email accounts, requires positive identification:
      • South Africans: a colour or clear certified copy of your South African Identity Document
      • International Students: a colour certified copy of your Passport
  • Consent
    • Student to complete, sign, and submit our consent form on email along with positive identification.
    • The consented individual must provide identification related to the consented details.


Third party verification services

Transcript services

The below options are available to students.

  • Student Account Guide
    • Under Sundry Fees the required fee structures for transcripts.
    • Sundry fee banking details and method described for processing payments.
    • Proof of payment(s) is required and is subject to be verified prior to delivering services.
    • Sundry fees payments are not refundable.
  • Procedure to receive a transcript
    • A transcript consists of all modules and their results.
    • Students who studied prior to the name change must request/ receive a merger and name change notification.
    • For this service submit the required documentation to
  • Procedure to receive a transcript with outcomes or syllabus
    • A transcript with syllabus in addition include the outcomes/ syllabus of all passed modules.
    • Students who studied prior to the name change must request/ receive a merger and name change notification.
    • In addition, and depending on the purpose students would receive as standard supporting documentation to their syllabus transcript and a cover letter where applicable.
    • For this service submit the required documentation to


Student services

  • General Services
  • Personal and contact details
    • Change of name and surname
      • Required certified colour copy of South African Identification Document
    • Change of marital status
      • Required.
      • Copy of marriage certificate, certified colour/ clear copy.
      • South African Identification Document, certified colour/ clear copy.
    • Change of address and contact details
      • Required
      • Copy of proof of address, certified.
      • Ward Councillor proof of residence, certified.
      • Affidavit from landlord, cover page certified.
    • Change of preference of gender
      • Required a certified copy of South African Identification Document
      • Notice from home affairs and related documents.
  • Apply at our Embizweni Counter for these and related services in person.
  • Submit required documents and details of requests on email to

Additional student services

  • Merger and name change of institution.
  • Accreditation and grade conversion.
  • Confirmation of studies for visa applications.
  • Verification of study period, qualification awarded and the medium of instruction.
  • Overseas employment or study applications.
  • If you suspect you have more than one student number.
  • Submit your requests to our Embizweni counter or email


Former merged institutions and affiliates services

  • Port Elizabeth Technikon.
  • University of Port Elizabeth.
  • Teachers Colleges affiliated to all former and above institutions.
    • Vista University.
    • Incorporated by the former University of Port Elizabeth in 2004.
    • Student who graduated prior to 2005 should contact UNISA for all records and verification services.
    • Students who enrolled with and graduated from 2005 from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan. University is welcome to submit requests for services of their study records.
  • For related services submit the required documentation to