The Student Records and Registration Section at Nelson Mandela University offers the services listed below.

Should you wish to make use of these services please note that you will require:

  • A copy of your identity document if you are using a private or business email account
  • A completed consent form when third parties request certain information of students

Study records

Consult the procedure to receive an academic record document.

We can offer:

  • Proof of registration
  • Full academic records (make sure you attach a copy of the proof of payment)
  • Full academic records with syllabus (attach a copy of the proof of payment)

Send an email to

Third party verification services

A list of approved verification companies

Former merged institutions confirmations, verifications and study records services

  • Port Elizabeth Technikon
  • University of Port Elizabeth
  • Teaching colleges incorporated into above institutions 
  • Vista University students who graduated from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Send an email to

Services related to updating of personal and contact details

  • Change of name and surname
  • Change of marital status
  • Change of address and contact details
  • Change of preference of gender

Send an email to

Services related to general queries and letter requests

  • Merger and name change of institution
  • Accreditation and grade conversion
  • Confirmation of studies for visa applications
  • Verification of study period, qualification awarded and the medium of instruction
  • Overseas employment or study applications
  • If you suspect you have more than one student number

Send an email to