1. To develop, implement and maintain the Institutional Regulatory Code (IRC).
  2. To organize academic functions, e.g. professorial inaugural lectures and to organize academic processions.
  3. To provide efficient election officer services for the election of members to governance structures, e.g. Council, Senate and other official committees, inter alia by means of electronic voting ballots.
  4. To provide an effective electronic records management (ERM) function for the Institution.
  5. To store and maintain the active records of the University in terms of national legislation, internal policy and standard records management practice.
  6. To provide effective secretariat services to the statutory and governance structures/committees of Mandela University.
  7. To develop, implement and maintain the electronic Nelson Mandela University Decision Register.


As a values-driven department, the Institutional Governance Department strives to provide excellent record management, archival and secretariat services through engagement and collaboration with all stakeholders.

Working towards our vision, we endeavour to:

  • Empower our staff to render a professional service; and
  • Contribute to the continuous transformation and development of the University.


The Institutional Governance Department is committed to efficient, effective and systematic retention and retrieval of institutional records; the expansion of the University digital archives and the provision of efficient and effective secretariat services to all stakeholders.

In order to achieve this, the Department:

  • Supports the core functions of the University by creating an enabling environment for all stakeholders;
  • Develops, implements and monitors appropriate systems, policies and procedures that are responsive to our stakeholders and are compliant with regulatory requirements;
  • Provides opportunities for personal growth and development of its staff.

In this way, the Department contributes to the attainment of the goals and objectives of the University.


  • Excellence
  • People-centeredness
  • Integrity
  • Engagement
  • Professionalism


Governance Administration Organogram